Lynne Harrison featured in One, Two, Ski!

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Silver Tree Studios curator and resident artist Lynne Harrison is profiled in an article by ski writer Louise Hudson, which features her Alchemy Of Ride sports apparel and the artwork that inspired it. Read an excerpt below . . .

Could this be the future Olympic kit for the Canadian team?

posted by Louise Hudson, ski writer at One, Two, Ski! (Feb.1, 2018)


Dave Irwin‘s wife Lynne Harrison putting Crazy into Canuck Couture at Sunshine Village.


When a creative colour alchemist turns her mountainscapes into fabric, the entire skiwear industry is disrupted. The prevailing palette of plain colours in today’s brands – two-tone if you’re lucky and a preponderance of black, beige, plain red or navy – means that Lynne Harrison’s multi-hued, outsized prints stand out like flamboyant flowers at a funeral.


Wife of Crazy Canuck Olympian Dave Irwin, Harrison has been running an eclectic art studio and creative clothing shop in her home town of Canmore, Alberta since May 2015. Starting with paintings, prints and postcards, she morphed her mountain motif into printed bike, running and watersports clothing first and then, this season, moved into the Alchemy of Ride range of ski jackets, pants, vests, one-piece Nordic outfits, and wickable underlayers for men and women. “It is about sharing colour and fun and happiness,” says Harrison. “Alchemy is the ancient process of turning base metal into gold and The Ride is a metaphor for life.”


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