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A while back Silver Tree Studio was featured in Canmore-Banff’s prestigious publication Rocky Mountain Outlook, in an article penned by Dave Whitfield that offered some interesting insight into “An Artist’s Life At Silver Tree Studio”. Read an excerpt below . . .


There’s a lot going on at Silver Tree Studio on Main Street.
Like the branches, roots and trunk of a tree itself, the seedling studio is sprouting upward, downward and outward to incorporate an array of artistic endeavours.

The studio was originally opened in 2015 by Lynne Harrison, a self-described “colour alchemist” whose specialty is large-format acrylic on canvas works of dynamic colour, and Sonja McDowell, whose work was clothing and other art.
After a short time, though, McDowell, who also has a shop in Calgary, decided to step back. “She has kids and is busy in Calgary and didn’t want to be on a lease, so I wondered what to do next.
“I thought if I could find two or three people to share a space, it could work.”
The sharing concept sprang to life and Silver Tree now also features the work of resident artist Kathryn Cooke, among quite a number of others who work in different mediums.
By lucky happenstance, Harrison asked Cooke, a pediatrician, if she knew anybody who might be interested. “I didn’t even know then that she was an ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design) grad; but she said she’d like to be part of it.
“Sonja still wanted to have some clothes here, and helps with the rent, and Kathryn does as well. For anyone who wants to open a business like this, I think this is a different way – but one that works – to do it.”

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